The “Melissa Pendant” featured in our initial “Perseverance – Personified Collection” symbolizes the journey of our Founder, Melissa Matthews. The flow of this design begins at the top: it descends the left side of the pendant; continues through the diamond; moves into the bottom loop; swiftly transitions to an upward direction; traverses the diamond from the opposite side; and continues ascending the right side to the top of the pendant. The left side of the pendant, with its sandblasted finish, represents Melissa’s tragedy. The right side of the pendant, displaying a polished finished, represents Melissa’s triumph.  


A. LEFT SIDE: The curved shape and rough coating represent actual elements from Melissa’s accident scene. The narrowing design symbolizes her progressive loss of confidence, perspective, and identity as she experienced additional life-changing adversities. 

B. DIAMOND: Melissa’s circumstances continued to spiral downward. Struggling to cope with her new reality, the diamond represents her “rock bottom”.

C. BOTTOM LOOP: This symbolizes the turning point in Melissa’s journey. After 18 months of living in a self-imposed exile, she realized survival was a choice!

D. DIAMOND: Melissa emerged full of hope. The diamond now symbolizes her determination to transform her mess of a life into a message.

E. RIGHT SIDE: The shiny, reflective polish represents Melissa’s positive attitude and new perspective. Depicting her resourcefulness in achieving her dreams with so few assets, the width increases as it ascends. With a mirrored angular shape, the right side is substantially larger than the left to symbolize the powerful purpose Melissa found on the other side of her pain.

F. BACK: Melissa’s journey can be characterized in one word: Perseverance!